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We made a collection of logical packages for all your web needs.
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Still don't have a strong, representative logo?


Your logo should be your powerful, eye-catching icon, for fast recognition and identification of your business.

Brands are powerful because we trust them and because they stand for particular values. The clearer the brand is positioned, the clearer its values can be defined. You can refuse brands, but you can not live without them.

Your logo is the cornerstone of your total visual identity, a recognition point amongst your customers, and an advance amongst your competitors. It is your face to the world, it represents your company in one simple splash of form and color.

A logo can be beautiful. A Logo can also be ugly, meaningless, empty, abstract, attractive, with or without an idea. Logos that come from Nivalon are beautiful, attractive and guaranteed meaningful.

Not just a drawing. Not just a concept. But both!

Our Professional Logo Package includes:

  • Five initial logo proposals
    You will receive different styles of logos, built from experienced graphic designers,  all of them will look suitable and will connect well to your business.
  • Two correction rounds
    After you select the concept you prefer, we will work together on different combinations of elements, colors, positioning… So that in the end, the logo will completely satisfy you.
  • Logo motivation
    Once the logo is to your pleasing, you will also receive the full story behind it, that verbally connects to your business to the icon.
  • Logo in various media formats
    You will receive the logo in all required formats and sizes, so you can use it for all imaginable medias.

Then, when everything is finished, you can proudly watch your new brand successfully fighting for its position on the market, all together with a characteristic recognizable logo.

View some of our successful Logo projects in our Portfolio and ofcourse, don't hesitate to Contact Us.