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We made a collection of logical packages for all your web needs.
You can easily pick what you desire or
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Extended the functionalities


The engine behind the management of your online presence.

For good web design, good communication is a must. We will supply you with as many web designs as needed to achieve your desired Look & Feel of the site. Usually mixing a selection of proposals which you like the most, brings us to the final desired look.


Communicado CMS

The essence of any application is its engine. Communicado (CMD) is the engine behind the web applications and web sites which are designed and developed in Nivalon.

The basic CMD web package includes:

  • Dynamic web pages
    The possibility to create as many pages as you like, with adjustable page titles, menu options,  sub pages, etc.
  • Dynamic languages
    The ability to create as many languages as you like, or as many as the design supports.
  • Managing of system emails
    Word style management of system email messages (contact us, questionnaire, etc.)
  • File Manager
    Management of files which are stored on the server (pictures, pdf files, documents, etc.)

Generic CMS modules

These days, all people use some sort of digital system to conduct their businesses. We provide the ability to turn that required system into a pleasant environment where you can easily search through your data, create it or adjust it to your needs. If there is a system which you would like to create and that system is supposed to be fully tailor made, then this package is most suitable for you.

Advanced SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the one thing that makes your application stand out from the giant cluster of websites out there. CMD offers full control over the SEO capabilities of your application. We provide the basic setup for your application which enables you to be very well visible through search engines like Google, Yahoo etc.

After the basic setup, we recommend two/three months of continues SEO work to establish a permanent, more stable existence on the web and to improve the position of your website in search engines.


Hosting package

A good, quality Hosting package is sometimes hard to find. There are different varieties of hosting packages out there. We provide obligation free solutions. If you choose to use our server for your hosting needs, there is no need for you to ever worry about technical details which are needed to run your application.

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